IJECT Vol. 9.4 (Oct – Dec 2018)

Vol 9 Issue 4 (Oct – Dec 2018)

International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology Vol 9 Issue 4 (Oct – Dec 2018)
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01 Securing and Monitoring Human Health using Arduino Mega and Sensors
Aalan Santhosh.B, Dr. S.Sujatha

Internet of Things is the group of devices that are connected to the internet to perform the process and service that support basic needs, health and environment. Cloud computing is a technology, in which essential resources are provided as services via internet. Cloud computing along with the Internet of Things can perform capabilities and resource storage to the maximum. Hence, cloud computing is used as a front end to access Internet of Things. The healthcare industry is developing rapidly that makes people to live healthier by using connected devices such as mobiles, laptops and wearable technologies. Internet of Things is an advancing technology that makes use of internet to provide the data easy and faster and change the way in which every data’s of a patient can be viewed anywhere at any time. This paper focuses on the significance of how Internet of Things and Cloud play a vital role in health care and also discusses security aspects in IoT devices.
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