IJECT Vol. 9.3 (July – Sept 2018)

Vol 9 Issue 3 (July – Sept 2018)

International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology Vol 9 Issue 3 (July – Sept 2018)
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01 Design and Implementation of Adaptive PID based UAV Shaft Position Control
Jagroop Singh, Poonam Kumari, H.P.S.Kang

PID controllers have played a great role in industry for controlling different plants with accuracy. Also, various PID control algorithms have been framed to ease its implementation and improve the response of the system. However, conventional manual tuning methods have faced the problems of lesser precision and higher response time. Various automatic PID tuning methods have been designed to solve this control problem. Adaptive tuned PID is one of the most widely applicable techniques in controlling a plant output automatically to the desired set point with more accuracy and precision. This research is focused on designing a laboratory scale model for PID and Adaptive tuned PID controller for UAV shaft position control. The output is generated on the LabVIEW software and various transient response characteristics of the designed laboratory model are depicted in the results.
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02 Design and Development of ECG based Personal Healthcare Monitoring System Using LabVIEW
Maninder Pal Singh, Poonam Kumari, H.P.S. Kang

The development of modern healthcare system needs to provide better healthcare services to people at anytime and from any place in a low cost and patient friendly ways. In conventional healthcare systems, there is a need of doctor to visit the patient to monitor his health conditions and check the status of various functions of his body. But, now with technology and advancement, a better solution to this problem is available by making personal healthcare monitoring systems. ECG is one of the most vital form of monitoring the heart rate and cardiac activity of the patients and can be used to monitor the health of the patients. This paper provides a design of a low cost personal healthcare monitoringsystem for ECG of the patients that could be easily done by the patient of family members itself at their home without the requirement of the doctor. The low cost is due to using Arduino as interface card instead of High cost NI DAQ cards.This system is developed to show the results of real time monitoring of heart activity of patients using an ECG instrumentation system on the computer in the LabVIEW software.
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