IJECT Vol. 14.2 (April – June 2023)

Vol 14 Issue 2 (April – June 2023)

International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology Vol 14 Issue 2 (April – June 2023)
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01 Energy Storage System Using Battery and Super Capacitor for Electric Vehicles
Sonia Rani, Naresh Kumar

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy storage system is being researched. Because of the rising need for energy, additional oversight and control, as well as specialised processes, are required. Efforts to reduce energy use in the construction, transportation, and commercial sectors are examples of this. Increasing numbers of individuals are turning to laptops, cellphones, and portable PCs for their leisure. Renewable energy resources are not the same as the capacity to store energy for lengthy periods of time employing energy conservation technology. In order to fully understand this topic, a substantial amount of investigation is required. Electric cars’ function in hybrid energy storage systems is an important part of understanding their respective points of view. To provide more accurate results, PI and neural networks are used in this thesis. PI and neural networks are used in a novel way to do this.
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