IJECT Vol. 11.4 (Oct – Dec 2020)

Vol 11 Issue 4 (Oct – Dec 2020)

International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology Vol 11 Issue 4 (Oct – Dec 2020)
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01 A Novel Broadband Compact Microstrip Patch Antenna for C band Applications
Smarajit Maity, Tapas Tewary, Sunandan Bhunia

This paper proposes very thin broadband microstrip patch antenna for dual frequency operation. The designed antenna is highly compact with overall dimension of only 40×24×1.6 mm3. Inexpensive and well characterized FR4 substrate with 1.6 mm thickness, dielectric constant of 4.4 is used for the antenna design. Two resonance frequencies at 2.8 GHz and 5.2 GHz respectively with a -10 dB impedance bandwidth of 3.5 GHz, ranging from 2.6 GHz to 6.1 GHz is observed in the designed antenna. The VSWR of the proposed antenna is less than 2 throughout the bandwidth which exhibits good matching characteristics. Above 75% radiation efficiency with very low cross polarization is found at all resonance frequencies. Also 88% bandwidth is obtained in the proposed antenna.
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02 An Overview of Online Education in Present Context
Deepika Jain

During Covid-19 epidemic situation, The Government has either postponed or cancelled the educational activities in all schools, colleges, Universities, and Educational Institutions. Face to face or classroom teaching has been transformed into online teaching. Teachers and students faced many difficulties in shifting from classroom teaching to online teaching.This study attempts to overview the challenges and obstacles faced by teachers and students and the solutions adopted to deal with them.
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